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I seriously don’t but I do and you’re awesome!

I haven’t had much time to write on my blog for a while because I started to write my first book about my seventeen years in call centers, I’m doing some graphic designs for my web shop and I have a 9-5 job to plus a wonderful supportive girlfriend that’s the jewel of my life!

This entry is my thoughts on the LGBT movement around the world, but I sure hope that I can share them with you and that you take the to you! What made me think of this is all the hate from the alt right movements this summer towards the amazing pride festivals around the world, there was even some neo-nazis attacking a pride parade in my little home town this year. Unless I’m in a car or having modern tech i.e. smart phones or computers fucking with me I rarely loose my temper and get mad, this is kind of all three triggers rolled up into one atomic bomb of anger.

Ok, I guess I’ll be getting some negative feedback for this but here goes and I’m ready for it. The thing is I will never understand how people can be gay and fall for the same sex and I don’t want to understand it either. I haven’t got a clue to what’s going on with a person who wants to go through the trouble of a sex change to become the opposite sex, and I don’t want to understand it. Why would I want to understand? I don’t even understand why people of different sexes fall for the opposite sex and I don’t want to understand that either. I don’t need to understand these things at all, trying to understand love will take away the mystery of it. All I and you need to understand is that it takes so little love to be happy or so little happiness to find love.

Love is the most wonderful thing next to happiness and why is it so horrible if two persons of the same sex love each other? I’m so amazed and impressed by these awesome men and women who dares to go through the process of coming out of the closet and they will always have my support. I’m full of admiration for people who goes through a sex change, the bravery it must take to go something like that to be happy and live the life they want to live is so much more than I can comprehend and I’m so happy for them.

I get furious when I read the news about alt right morons attacking these wonderful men and women for having the courage to be themselves. The happiness and joy of these pride festivals are like splashes of color in the boring modern society. These pride festivals is a hard reminder that we, all of us needs to loosen up a little and be a lot more open and caring towards each other and let go of all the hate that’s bubbling under our feet.

The one thing I do want to understand is why people attack other for no apparent reason but being happy. Is it religion? Insecurity? Fear? Religion I can sort of understand, that’s why I’m went from dreaming of becoming a preacher to becoming an atheist but fear and insecurity? We sure don’t need to fight love, and we shouldn’t focus on fighting hatred but we should focus on fighting ignorance.

The more educated people are the less ignorant they will be and the less ignorant they are, less hateful they become. There’s nothing that fuels hate and fear like ignorance. Again, we don’t need to learn why two people of the same sex can fall in love or why some chooses to go through a sex change, we need to learn how to be more open and not to fear what’s different but embrace it. Difference is what makes us human, I don’t want to be a part of a society where everyone is molded the same way, I want to live in a world where love and solidarity are the two ground pillars, is that so hard to understand?

I find all brave men and women so inspirational and LGBT people in particular, if they dare to come out to the world as gays, transsexual or whatever I should not be afraid to go for what I want (graphic design and writing) I have a lot less to loose.

Learn and love, don’t fear and hate!



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