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I’m a geek and i love it!

There’s no hiding it, i love pop culture and i wouldn’t have it any other way. Working the night shift alone gets you in a thinking mode and there’s a lot of time to reflect and think about things. Since i’m a geek i love movies (sci-fi, horror, action in perticular), comic books, video games, art and every other thing i can get my hands on. Best thing about it? Well besides it lets me escape the world for a few hours here and there, there’s some things you can learn from it and that’s partly what this post will be about.

I think it all started when i was a kid and the family were on holiday with a caravan like we used to do for a few weeks every summer. This summer was the summer of Empire strikes back and i got my first star wars figure, Luke Skywalker (hoth version). I hadn’t seen any of the star wars movies when i got the figure but a friend of mine hade seen them both and told me about them in suck detail that i can almost say i’ve seen them. I’ve always loved to draw and read comic books and with this figure my imagination got into high gear and it never slowed down. Now i’m 41 years old and still a the geek i was back then even though i don’t collect toys anymore (besides hot wheels star wars ships, bobble head figures and….) i do read comic books and watch every superhero movie out there at least ten times.

The thing is, if it wouldn’t have been for that Luke Skywalker figure i wouldn’t have got into Star wars and if i hadn’t got into Star wars i probably never would have got into movies, comics and all the other stuff that’s pop culture. Now, we move forward a couple of years and i’m this huge movie fan that watches almost everything with joy and swallow everything sci-fi like a hungry tiger who haven’t eaten for a year. By this time i’m in my early teens and at that time it’s very uncool to love Star wars and sci-fi, guess who’s an easy target for bullies in school? Yepp you got it me but not just for Star wars, it was very uncool to have an interest in computers when i was in ninth grade at the end of the 80’s and video games in perticular. Damn it i hated those bullies so much, sometimes i had to leave the school yard just because i didn’t dare to stand up for myself when the terror began between classes and i didn’t have the strenght to stand up for myself but inside i knew that someday everything would change and i did have friends that were just as geeky as me so i never stood alone.

Because i was bullied in school i became kind of recluse and fell into the world of comic books and never left it (just took a vacation for a couple of years since comic books isn’t a big thing in Sweden) but thanks to the Internet it became very easy to import comic books. Now, we move forward to modern day and me working nights alone with my thoughts. I was thinking about school and how i didn’t quite hate it but i didn’t love it either because the bullies and teachers who always looked in the other direction. Thanks to all the bullies i got pretty damn thick skin and there’s not much that can touch me today and because of Superman, Spider-man and all the other superheroes i read about in the comic books i learned the importance of being kind, always stand up for the ones who can’t, no matter how much crap life throws at you there’s always a way to pull through and the most important thing to fight for who you are and what you belive in. The real hero in my life thought me how to be a man, how to treat the woman you love, how to do carpentry and fix just about anything that’s broken and that hero is my dad and he will always be that hero now more the never and i’m so proud of that man who worked his ass of to give me the best childhood i could ever have together with  my mom. Now if it wouldn’t have been for me being quite recluse, reading comic books watching movies and listening to heavy metal music i don’t think i would have been the artist i am today.

So, to conclude this post i don’t hate my bullies anymore and i’ve turned those years into something positive since they  gave me the thick skin i have today and i’m not afraid of many (things besides heights) anymore and i’m so grateful for being an artist today and still loving comic books, still loving sci-fi movies and superheroes and guess what now a days superheroes and movies is the shit and so cool. And like i said because of what i got from being bullied (a great fuckin’ life, a great job that i love and the most awesome girlfriend) i don’t hate the bullies because of two things, it takes to much energy and it’s not me that have problems with drugs, crime and live shitty lives 25 years after…

To all of you who are bullied today because of what you are interested in and because of who you are, PLEASE never give up! It might not look like it now but a couple of years from now you are the one who can look back and draw strenght from what now seems like hell and PLEASE remember the bullies are the ones who are unsecure little pricks who don’t dare to stand up for anything or anyone… YOU my fellow geeks are the cool ones who do what you belive in so dare to stand up for yourselves, read the comic books, do the cosplays and dare to bring out the geek inside you… Now i’m of to read a couple of TPBs with the Transformers and maybe a couple of issues of Donald duck before going to bed and i can’t wait until my four week vacation when i’m getting into Superman and Spider-man again.

Geeks have more fun, live long and prosper!


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