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Finally, i sell my art

Hello fellow humans, followers and other strange creatures that lurks o the Internet, i’ve made a decision to start selling my artworks. I thought about it for a long time and searched for online services that would fit my needs and i choose Society6.

The worst thing for art is to never been seen, stored away on some hardware or locked into a vault never to see the light of day. I love showing my artwork on pages like behance, deviantart and my own website ( I’m enjoying the hell out of posting to instagram, twitter and this blog when i have time to sit down and write a couple of lines. For some reason i never dared to post images for sale on the Internet but now the courage level is 100% and i feel very confident i what i do with my camera, blender3D and Adobe Photoshop.

I’ve made a little video to promote myself at


I wish y’all a magic summer filled with fun and love, i know mine will be!

Best regards


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