Let’s talk about heroes!

What is a hero to you? I sure know what a hero is to me and i mean a true hero, not some athlete, football player, money maker, soldiers fighting pointless wars or some s**t like that! I feel i have to write this after reading about Charlottesville and some crazy shit that happened in my own beatiful country of Sweden a couple of days ago when some neo nazi punks attacked peaceful imigrants in a demonstration.

A hero is a parent that takes care of the kids and teaches them good values in life, a husband that takes care of his wife and a wife that takes care of her husband.

A hero is also a person regardless of profession, origin or social class who dares to stand up against injustice, alternative right wing fools and hate. A person that will hand out a helping hand to people in need and show empathy towards the not so fortunate.

A hero is a person who gives of him- or herself without thinking about themselves.

To me a hero is not Zlatan Ibrahimovic playing with a ball, it’s not the next the next Mike Tyson hitting som poor fool in a boxing ring and it’s absolutely not a soldier fighting in some pointless war over oil and land.

My biggest heroes in my life are my parents and my aunt and uncle who tought me the values of being nice and empathick towards my fellow humans, friends, foes and people all around. They tought me how to be a generous human being and not hate, they helped me to stand tall everytime i fell on my knees and they still do. They gave me the best youth a kid in sweden during the 70’s and 80’s could dream of, i alwyas felt safe and secure when i grew up. I also consider all my friends who helped me during some dark times in my life and helped me come out on the other side with a smile on my face to be my heroes in life.



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