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I love almost all kinds of music and i love collecting music on vinyl and sometimes on cd if i can’t find what i want o black gorgeous discs. I write this because i recently happened to buy som records (besides the ugly ass records in my previous post. I Think it’s awesome that vinyl’s making a comeback since i think streaming services like Spotify sucks, audio qaulity is terrible and the artists hardly get payed what the should have.

So I went to the supermarket a couple of days ago and stumbled over brand new vinyl records and i just had to go through the few records day had and became quite happy when i found a couple of awesome records. Two of the records were just some old stuff i had in my collection and two of them i didn’t have so let’s go…

First off is Guns n Roses “Appetite for destruction” that’s one of the best debut albums of all times (besides wasp, and a couple of others). I still enjoy this record like it’s the same day i brought it home for the first time, a perfect record with a singer who eats razors for lunch and barbed wire for dinner.

Next we have a album i couldn’t stand when it was first released, Nirvana “Nevermind” i managed to find this album on vinyl a year or to ago but the disc is so scrathed that it’s almost unplayable.

Third record’s the charm and this is Metallicas coveralbum “Garage days inc” that i always thought of as a great record even though i have a thing against records that only consits of covers.

Last but not least i bought the new and last album by Leonard Cohen, i’ve found Cohen to be such a great artist and I like most of his work… Need to find time to play this record though…


Of course a record collector can’t have some records NOT coming to him, and in this case it’s something by Europé, the new album from Thåström and Nocturnal rites and Europé to name a few. It’s so awesome that Nocturnal Rites is releasing a new record just more than 10+ years after their latest release.

Best regards


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