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Back again and again

Thought i’d give this blogging thing Another go and actually try to keep the Writing to at least once or twice a week or when something that’s worth writing about happens. I have Always loved to write besides drawing and i do have a couple of novels in my mental drawers in that round thing on top of my shoulders. But for now, i’m going to write a couple of lines about record covers since i love to creat coverart and listen to music.

Ok i love a good record cover just as i love to listen to a great record that sounds awesome and really pulls me into the sonic landscape of sounds. I got interested in doing coverart eons ago when i first discovered Iron Maiden and got som impressed by their covers and as years went on i discovered a band called Magnum and became intrigued by their record covers created by the Amazing Rodney Matthews (take a look at the covers for records like On a storytellers night, Sleepwalking and Sacred blood “divine” lines to mention a few).

Now, what makes up for a great piece of coverart for me? Well to begin with i want a record cover to for starters tell a story or make me create a story with it. A record cover should also reflect the music that’s on the record, it’s not unusual to find records with covers that doesn’t do that and you might think you buy a heavy metal album when it’s really a pop record (not that i don’t like pop music). Thank god there’s smartphones and google these days, i remember buying a couple of records by Thunderdome thinking it was heavy metal by looking at the evil clowns on the coverart and realising that it was some sort of noice on the discs, some people call it house/trance/techno… I call it headache with bleeding ears.

Now on the flipside, records can have coverart that’s just so bad that they become funny and here’s two records i bought recently just because they had covers like that. Please google “worst record covers” and you’ll laugh your ass of wondering what the hell in heavens name were they thinking.

Well first of all here’s the covers for Herb Alperts “Whipped cream and other delights” that has a girl covered in a wedding dress (i think) that’s made of whipped cream… Wonder if the girl’s supposed to be the other delights or something, i don’t know but it’s just such a bad cover that i can’t stop laughing when i see it. Next up we have a record by a group i never heard of even though i know quite a bit about 70’s pop music because well i like that genre of music just as much as heavy rock to brutal metal. Let me introduce the group Starcity and their record called “I’m a man” and no shit is that a man with a big garden hose, i can’t shake the feeling that this is something that’s supposed to fool the buyer into thinking that it’s something like Village People… Well it’s not, it’s just a Collection of horrible notes and disco but i love the coverart!

IMG_20170729_062950 (1)That’s all for now folks or like Porky Pig would say… Tha… Tha… THAT’S ALL FOLKS!

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C ya later in the next one
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