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Old school photography

I don’t only do photomanipulations for record covers and other various art i also do some photography when i have some time and inspiration for it. Soon i have a vacation coming up 2 out of 7 weeks (blessed to be Swedish and have 7 week vacation) so i might do some photography then if it hasn’t started snowing that is… Then i’ll go into hibernation for the rest of the fucking cold of winter…

Ok, so i love photography and i do like to spend time in dark rooms when i have the opportunity. It’s so much fun to develop photographs from regular film compared to just shoot a memory card full of images. Shooting on film you only have 24 or 36 frames so it  makes you think about what you’re shooting through your lens.

Unfortunately i don’t have access to a dark room anymore since i left my old work place where i had one for a new better job without a dark room but i do have Photoshop and my love for old techniques to develop film and these past days I’ve tried to emulate wet plate photography in Photoshop with various results. My first attempts turned out to be pretty far of from what i wanted but today i believe i nailed it, i’m very happy with how it all turned out.

It was so much fun doing this, i went through my photography archive in Lightroom and found some old pictures of toys i had when i was i kid back in the days (say 30 something years ago) and they were pretty perfect for my little project… I Also did some manipulations on the mysterious side with a combination of Blender 3D and old photos from different environments that I’ve shot through the years.

Now, I’ll leave you a little sample of what’s to come to in a not so distant future… Oh, almost forgot… I will sell prints of these images, i haven’t decided on the price yet but i think it will be around €100 each + postage and package.

Happy days folks!


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