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Goofin’ ‘n’ doodlin’

Sometimes it’s just so much fun to step out of the old comfort zone and do something that you normally wouldn’t do and in my case that’s just goofin’ of and doodle around in Photoshop with custom covers for say dvd movies. Sometimes because the original artwork is so damn ugly and sometimes just to have some fun.

Thought i’d share some of my custom made dvd covers with you’ll here on the old mighty world wide web and readers of this so awesome (to be…) blog. The Herbie covers was just for fun, love the movies but i don’t own them on either dvd or blu-ray but the swedish covers was so damn ugly that i think the designer made them under some sort of threat with open flames and pliers…

The covers for the Star trek movies is something i made just so it would look good on my shelf since the Swedish covers had different spines and the covers for Star  wars is something i made for the bonus discs of the original trilogy dvds that came with the unaltered versions on separate discs as extra material, i made them based on the old (first version i think) vhs releases of the original trilogy.

Best regards!


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