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I’m back

I thought i’d try this blogging thing once more and for the last time. Hopefully this time around i’ll remember to write something once in a while, at least once a week. Last time i had a blog up on my site i totally forgot to write in it but this time i have a good feeling about this…

So who in the **** name am i? I’m just an ordinary artist from the northern parts of sweden that in the winter is cold as hell and in the summer a little less cold without mountains of snow. I live in a small city with a big city complex or something like that, the nature around here is something straight out of Twin Peaks and i freakin’ love it for the calmness and inspiration.

When i’m not doing my art thing, trying to make images that music artists want to buy and use as record covers i work as an it-specialist with the best crew ever! I Love to listen to music of all genres and i collect vinyl records like an addict, i can stop anytime i want to i just don’t want to stop and it’s fun to rescue some poor records and give them a home and shelter…

I Don’t do record covers only in Photoshop, sometimes i take my camera out for a walk or i do some custom movie covers and illustrations like for instance the following to illustrations for my home town called Kalix…

Best Regards


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